Walking – Talking is a form of coaching that is a little outside of the box – it is walking therapy and instead of sitting in an office, you and your coach are walking in an area you choose together such as a local park or nature trails.

There can be many benefits to coaching in this way. A few of the obvious ones are you are active in a healthy way, and getting fresh air.
There is a meditative quality to walking that adds to a person’s ability for introspection and insight.

Walking is a bilateral activity and can allow for more creative solutions to problems and quicker processing of issues – it’s believed the forward movement of our body connects with the brain to allow improved decision making.

Exercise reduces anxiety and depression and is a great coping skill.

Walking is one of many self-care activities, so walking coaching is two forms of self-care at once!

Walking – Talking

Some people are more comfortable with talking side by side rather than face to face.
How it works is that initially you will meet with your coach in one of our/your offices at least one time. You’ll discuss whether walking coaching is a good fit for you and the goals you want to achieve , where you will meet, what to do if the weather is bad, and things like that. Once that initial set up is complete, you’ll meet your coach for your walking – Talking session . It may be a regular practice or just occasional to break with familiar scenery or until your work is complete.

Get in touch with us to find out if walking-Talking coaching is right for you!


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