Business Coaching – Absolute Business Coaching

Business coaching is a two way relationship between the manager and the coach.Coaching
– We will give you time to think
– Always give you our full attention
Be committed to help you become the best version of yourself

All coaching is bespoke to your individual needs – There’s no set package . We use years of experience, knowledge and practice to help You find the answers You are looking for.

Business coaching can give you:

• Time to think things through
• Increased profitability
• Build on your own or your teams thinking
• Develop talent and retain it
• Learn different management styles
• Balance – in work and life
• Leadership skills
• Time management techniques
• Increased confidence
• Skills to create a loyal and happy team
• Increased drive and effectiveness
• Structure
• An objective view on a situation
A coach is part of your development network, someone to listen, ask probing questions, advise where necessary and hold you accountable for your actions and decision making.
We give you a perspective you may not see.

Business Coaching – Absolute Business Coaching

Staff Development enables you to:
  • Reduce and prevent absenteeism due to stress
  • Increase productivity by improving employee engagement
  • Retain your people rather than replace them, saving money
We use our joint experience of working with busy, caring professionals who are striving to increase profit, reduce absenteeism due to stress and become more effective and efficient, all without burning out.
How can Culture , efficiency and productivity be improved?
There are always several factors to consider when an increase in productivity Business Coachingis required.

Human beings are complex creatures and this means that many differing conditions need to be in place for motivation and productivity to increase. Sadly, there is not a magic button to press or a magic wand to wave, to increase productivity and wellbeing.

There are many tools and techniques we can use on individuals perceived strengths and weaknesses to enable them to work to their full potential on a daily basis.

Working on factors, such as:
• confidence,
• focus,
• planning,
• motivation,
• procrastination,
• assertiveness and self-belief
These lead to increased personal performance and effectiveness
• Higher profit
• Job satisfaction
• Reduce staff turnover
Which in turn naturally leads to higher profit as well as higher levels of job satisfaction, retaining staff rather than losing them.
Implementing new strategies and techniques gradually will enable your people to develop personally and professionally so that life at work, as well as at home, is vastly improved. These two areas are often so closely intertwined that if there is anything amiss in either area of someone’s life, it will potentially impact on the bottom line, in a detrimental way.

Business Coaching – Absolute Business Coaching

Recruiting Costs
Business CoachingReports reveals that a major cost implication for firms replacing staff is the lost output a company experiences during the period of time the new worker is getting up to speed i.e. the cost of them being less effective until they reach their ‘Optimum Productivity Level’. The findings unveil that, on average, workers take 28 weeks to reach optimum productivity which has an attached cost of £25,181 per employee. This is by far the dominant cost factor for replacing a departing employee.
Excellence in Apprentice Recruitment
The logistical cost of replacing an employee incorporates expenditure such as advertising costs and agency fees, as well as invested time such as interviewing prospective candidates. On average businesses spend £5,433 on logistical costs, with the following factors contributing:

  • Hiring temporary workers before the replacement starts: £3,618
  • Management time spent interviewing candidates: £767
  • Recruitment agency fees: £454
  • Advertising the new role: £398
  • HR time spent processing replacement: £196
When staff feel valued they are much more likely to remain committed to your business and to want to work well for you. Sadly, it has been frequently proven that a decent salary is not always sufficient on its own. Many shrewd employees are now looking for other benefits and incentives as well as their salary; feeling valued is something they are very often looking for.

When you really aim to ENGAGE with your people and are seen to be doing all that you can to ensure their development, progression and happiness at work – because this is what it all boils down to – your profits WILL improve.

Your people ARE your business, so looking after them WELL makes great business sense.

Business Coaching – Absolute Business Coaching

“…I feel so much better knowing that I have some tools to help me now…”
If you have any members of staff who are currently stressed and absent because of this, simply Contact Us.

We specialise in creating staff development programmes to overcome these issues and challenges with guaranteed results so change becomes embedded , creating an improved and positive culture.

We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to make these improvements in your business.

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